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Jamie Madigan

Jamie Madigan

Jamie Madigan, PhD, has become an expert on the psychology of video games and seeks to popularize understanding of how psychology can be used to understand why games are made and why their players behave as they do. Madigan also writes, podcasts, and lectures on the subject for various magazines, websites, and his own site at He has consulted with game development companies and talked at conferences about how game developers can incorporate psychology principles into game design and how players can understand how it affects their play.

Madigan has appeared as an expert on the psychology of video games in dozens of print, web, and radio outlets, including The Washington Post, Wired, The Atlantic, the Chicago Tribune, BBC Radio 5, the BBC, The Guardian, Oprah Magazine, Official Playstation Magazine UK, The Verge,, The Escapist,, Kotaku, The Gameological Society, Sky News HD, the Cited Podcast, the You are Not So Smart podcast, and Polygon.