Lisa Lin

Lisa has been an avid romance reader and fan ever since wandering the aisles of her local bookstore and got a hold of her first Nora Roberts novel at the age of 13. She's been hooked ever since.

So far, she writes both contemporary and historical romances. No matter what the genre, Lisa believes in writing light and funny books (and letting her penchant for snark and sarcasm run wild) because as far as she's concerned, real life has enough drama, stress, and angst already.

Lisa grew up in Pennsylvania, helping out at her parents' restaurant, which is why she never bothered to learn to cook (and is only mediocre at best). She has two liberal arts undergraduate degrees and a J.D. In her former life. She was an intern then Legislative Assistant for a PA State Representative, and a paralegal at a boutique law firm. She is a politics junkie (The West Wing is her absolute favorite show), indulges in naps whenever possible, and believes Netflixing in her pajamas by herself and ordering take out qualifies as the perfect weekend.


When Good Earls Go Bad